Growth Lensing provides you with all the key deliverables to enter the European market. But sooner or later you want to have a full time team member that will ‘own’ the European groundwork.

Growth Lensing provides staffing services for SaaS Start ups. We aim at selecting the best Human Capital for your growth.
Growth Lensing will obtain qualified personnel for different jobs position that will match your growth strategy. So efficient staffing management begins by hiring the right people for open positions.  This is the moment where we can become your remote Business Development unit. Growth Lensing can help you find and manage the right talent. Depending on the scale and ambition, we can aim for Junior follow up profiles or Senior Executives. Investing in Human Capital here in Europe, is a critical part of your growth process. Because Growth Lensing can take up the legal processes, contracting and day to day supervision, you can focus on your Business. Find out How it works here.