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At Growth Lensing we do Business with Australians, and we love it. We learned that the start up scene in Australia is quite alive. Our Australian friends are on the move… So what is Australia all about? Here at Growth Lensing we did some research and we learned some interesting facts. For example, Australia has the 2nd largest development index in the world, after Norway. This basically means it is one of the best countries to live, thanks to their equality, welfare, lifespan and other good stuff. There are some 25 million Australians and about 12% of them or somehow involved in Start up’s. Pretty dynamic.

There are plenty interesting facts about Australia, like how they love to eat Vegemite (yeast extract?!), that their dingo fence is longer than the Chinees wall and that Australia has over 10 000 awesome beaches. Australians love Chicken Parmigiana and BBQ. There are also beer drinking stats that we will not share here. But we want to move on and zoom into the startup numbers.

Australia has seen for about 102 million AUD on investment deals in start up’s in 2018. In 2018 we learned that 47 new Start ups were created and that the most active Venture Capital firm was Artesian. Sydney hosts about 35% of all nations startups, Melbourne 14% and Brisbane at 9%.

All these start ups want and need to grow. In terms of market place, Australia is relatively small and quickly, startups will find a limit in growth. This is where Growth Lensing can help Australian firms. Already in the early stage we help startups to get foot on the ground in Europe and Singapore. We speak the languages and we have the methodologies to get traction. Signing a few references in Europe is a good way to stress test your delivery, processes and configure further your growth organization.

We provide excellent processes to make sure your Digital Reputation provides customer trust. This trust is needed later to increase lead generation volume, and to have a higher closing rate. The execution order should really be blue, green, orange. We are Europeans, so we know the complex European challenges. Compliance, cloud, languages and sales cultures are substantially different. Closing a deal within Northern Europe is an entirely different process and experience then let’s say Southern Europe. So we have the processes, but we also have the much needed instinct to maneuver your growth here in Europe.

Growth Lensing for Australian startups. Contact us for a chat or to just exchange ideas.

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