Business Development Best Practices

Business Development and Growth Lensing are almost the same words. But both are evolving with new times, new technologies and trends. More importantly, Business Development in the USA is not the same as European Business Development. In Europe you need to be vertical on everything. Lot’s of segmenting needed, before you can point your message to the right buyer. Some of these Business Development Best Practices apply not only to Growth Lensing in Europe, but are actually universal. In this blog we try to highlight some key rules of Business Development.

Digital Marketing high level segmentation

A no brainer. But Digital marketing also beholds Content Marketing on Social Media. Putting in place a well disciplined process in Europe for this, is no joke. It is critical to first understand the key ‘sub cultures’ in Europe. One message for all does not work. Growth Lensing has identified and mapped a high level segmentation of European ‘buying’ cultures. These are sets of Countries that are geographical alike but also culturally alike. We say ‘alike’, meaning as close as it can get.

Digital Marketing high level segmentation

It is interesting to see that the more ‘difficult’ areas are the biggest: Latin Europe, Germanic and Eastern Europe. That is the biggest in population. The actually ‘buying power’ and context depends on the solution you offer. It is known that Nordics and Germanic are very evolved in adopting new technologies.

No matter what, each ‘culture’ and country there off requires a clear Social Media strategy. People spend some 2 hours on Social Media and the engagement is highest there. In such a way requires excellent strategy and vision.

Channel Sales

Most Software organizations aim for channel and partners. Building a Channel Network with Growth Lensing can save time and increase the Channel Management quality in general. A good channel strategy requires an excellent strategy. As stated earlier, the strategy needs to be adapted to the region or culture you work in. Growth Lensing also believes that good channel management consists of excellent support to you Partners, a consistent program and excellent Digital tools.

It’s all vertical here

Going to into the European market in one go is not going to happen. One message for all will not work. And we are not referring to the language barrier here… It starts with that high level segmentation. Priorities your European market place in chunks of ‘culture’. Understand the languages you need (not all European countries need translations!) and slice and dice to country level. For countries like Belgium, Switzerland and Spain the slicing goes all the way down to city level. You have no choice there. Growth Lensing has an excellent understanding of Business Development ion this level.

Furthermore there are some other key rules such as mobile optimization, conference planning and regional content marketing that we will not go into now.

Contact Growth Lensing to discuss the concept of Business Development in Europe. We manage Audit of your processes, Sales, Channel growth and Digital Strategy. Find out how it all works here.

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